Cool Clubs Fitting Process

Our Data-Driven Fitting Process Identifies The Best Club For Your Swing

At Cool Clubs, we let the data we capture about your swing and club dynamics identify the best clubs for your swing out of all leading brands on the market. Our proven, step-by-step process enables you to compare data and results with various club/shaft combinations until you and our expert club fitter identify the clubs that will provide the best on-course performance.

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Club Fitting Helps You Know The Best Clubs For You Before You Buy

When you invest in golf equipment, youユll be playing with the new clubs for years. So it’s important that they are configured to work with your swing. Only a data-driven club fitting that includes all major brands can ensure that your investment in new equipment will deliver the desired increase of distance, improved accuracy and lower scores.

With thousands of golf club offerings on the market each with numerous variances in terms of shaft, lie angle, swing weight, etcムa club buying decision made without a brand-neutral custom club-fitting is just a guess.

Our Proven Club Fitting Process Delivers The Best Results

With over 20 years of leadership in the club fitting business, our Founder Mark Timms has established a proven process to identify and fit each golfer with the best equipment for their unique swing. Our customers tell us it is a fun, informative and valuable process. Cool Clubs expert club fitters follow the process below to ensure that every golfer can play their best golf.。

Fitting Process

1. Record Detailed Specs On Current Clubs
All components are weighed, shafts are tested for frequency and PUREd® for optimal performance

2 Record complete launch monitor data (20 data points) using current club. 
This establishes a baseline of performance (swing data, club dynamics, launch data, landing data) to compare with new club configurations. The golfer will also learn a great deal about his swing speed, club path, launch angle and other metrics helpful to understanding how to play better golf.

3. Club fitter review
Cool Clubs experts check all club/shaft recommendations made by our proprietary software that identifies the most likely configurations to produce optimized results for your swing.

4. Club Building
Our highly trained builders assemble the proposed clubs by connecting recommended shafts and club heads.

You want to play better golf and you need equipment that will help you achieve that goal. A Cool Clubs fitting enables you to make a completely informed club-buying decision to ensure your clubs and your swing are matched for peak performance. It just makes sense to know youユre playing the best new technology out of all leading brands that are set up precisely to optimize performance for your unique swing.

About the Golf Industry’s Leading Custom Club Fitting Company.

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Technology Driven Analysis Turns Club Fitting Into An Exact Science

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Unmatched Club-Fitting Expertise Delivers Precise Results

Improve from Tee to Green

With experienced fitters and the finest selection of club components, every club is as precisely tuned to your unique swing dynamics as possible, delivering significantly improved on-course results.

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