Why Custom Fit Clubs

You are an avid golfer and, like us, you’ve grown to love this game and want to play better golf.

Then it makes sense to:
Play the game with clubs precisely matched to your unique swing dynamics
Know which golf clubs perform best for your swing before you buy
Take advantage of state-of-the-art technology formerly available only to touring pros

With over 12,000 current club/shaft combinations from all major manufacturers tracked by our technology, a Cool Clubs custom golf club fitting can identify the precise club and shaft specs, from driver to putter, that are perfectly matched to your unique swing characteristics.

Professional golfers have long understood that how each club is configured can dramatically impact on-course performance. At Cool Clubs, we’ve seen that amateurs’ clubs are almost always poorly configured for their unique swing dynamics. This is why club fitting services benefit amateurs even more than professional golfers.


Call now to schedule a fitting at any of our locations so you can begin to hit it longer, hit it straighter and shoot lower scores. We look forward to seeing you soon!