One size doesn’t fit all. Every golfer is a bit different in size, body shape and the shape of their golf swing.

Professional golfers have long understood that how each club is configured can dramatically impact on-course performance. At Cool Clubs, we’ve seen that amateurs’ clubs are almost always poorly configured for their unique swing dynamics. This is why club fitting services benefit amateurs even more than professional golfers.


Unmatched service with the finest technology, professional expertise and complete product range

We are the world’s leading custom club fitting company. We serve over 300 of the world’s top tour professionals and thousands of amateur golfers alike. We will help you to hit it longer, hit it straighter, and shoot lower scores.


From sophisticated indoor studio setup to private outdoor setting for your desired fitting and schedule

We offer packages for all levels of players. From tour pros to beginners, we offer both indoor and outdoor fitting packages from our 2 locations in Tokyo. Let us help you to play better golf!