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Data Driven Results

Cool Clubs’ clients come from all walks of life.
They have different ages, swing characteristics and handicaps, but have one thing in common:
They love golf and they want the best equipment available.

81% see their scoring average improve


86% experience an improvement in tee to green accuracy


82% see their distance improve

81% see their scoring average improve
86% experience an improvement in tee to green accuracy
82% see their distance improve

Custom Fit for Custom Swings

All of our fittings include an initial assessment followed by an extensive Premier or Tour fitting session. We carry all of the top brands, and with over 20,000 shaft and head combinations, Cool Clubs can fit you with the best custom golf clubs available.

Why Club Fitting Club Fitting Process

The Right Tool for the Job

Find, Compare, and Uncover Your Ideal Shaft with S3 Technologies and Shaft Explorer

Pair the industry’s most advanced shaft testing technology with Shaft Explorer’s comprehensive database and you’ve got a powerful combination.

Cool Clubs has invested in the most current and complete technology at every step in the club-fitting and club-building process.

Unlike anyone else, all of the equipment we fit is tested in-house using Cool Clubs’ expertly developed software and testing equipment. Since we do not rely on the manufacturer’s internal testing, we know exactly how each club component performs against all others.

Improve from Tee to Green

With experienced fitters and the finest selection of club components, every club is as precisely tuned to your unique swing dynamics as possible, delivering significantly improved on-course results.

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