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Brand-Neutral Fittings From All Major Club & Shaft Manufacturers

Cool Clubs is the only club-fitting company that offers data-driven and brand-neutral fittings encompassing all major club and shaft manufacturersユ most current technology. Our job is to identify the best club and shaft combination for your swing, regardless of brand, so you can make the most informed buying decision and perform your best on the course.

At Cool Clubs, you can test club heads from Callaway, Titleist, Ping, Taylor Made, Cobra, Mizuno and many more. You will see the data that identifies which club delivers the best performance for your swing club speed, ball speed, ball spin, launch angle, smash factor, carry distance, total distance, direction and many more.

And you can test these top brand club heads with different shafts from industry leaders Fujikura, Accra, Mitsubishi, Graphite Design, Aerotech and more to determine which is best-suited to your swing. Our proprietary software identifies those club/shaft combinations, out of over 25,000 possible combinations, that are best suited to your swing dynamics.

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Take The Guesswork Out Of Buying Golf Clubs

Since Cool Clubs enables you to collect clear performance data for your swing with all major club and shaft manufacturers, you no longer have to guess which of the thousands of club choices is best for you. You will know the exact loft, lie angle, face angle and stiffness of shaft suited to your swing. A club fitting enables you to make a completely informed buying decision and the best investment in increased distance, better accuracy, more consistency and lower scores for years to come.

When you buy your golf clubs at Cool Clubs, our club-makers carefully inspect each club and adjust it to the exact specifications defined in your fitting. Club manufacturers have wide variances in their standard sets, so we test each club and adjust it to your specs as needed before we deliver it.

About the Golf Industry’s Leading Custom Club Fitting Company.

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Technology Driven Analysis Turns Club Fitting Into An Exact Science

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Unmatched Club-Fitting Expertise Delivers Precise Results

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Our Data-Driven Fitting Process Identifies The Best Club For Your Swing

Improve from Tee to Green

With experienced fitters and the finest selection of club components, every club is as precisely tuned to your unique swing dynamics as possible, delivering significantly improved on-course results.

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