Why Cool Clubs

Cool Clubs is the world’s leading custom golf club fitting company. Golfers of all skill levels can play their best golf only when their clubs—from driver to putter—are matched to their unique swing characteristics.

Our 100% commitment is to ensure that every club in your bag is ideally fit to your swing, down to the finest tolerances in the industry.

Why Cool Clubs Is The Leading Custom Club Fitter

Superior Technology

Complete TrackMan Launch Monitor® data, products from all major club and shaft manufacturers, and our proprietary software identify the clubs ideally suited to your swing.


Our custom club fitters have decades of experience and a deep understanding of how to identify the best club for each unique swing. Our state-of-the-art club-building workshop delivers every club, whether custom or standard manufacturer set, to exact specifications.

Good/Better/Best Recommendations

Our process gives you several options, from the best standard manufacturer’s club for your swing to the best custom shaft/head combination. No matter what your budget, CoolClubs will help you play your best golf!

The Cool Clubs Experience

Know which golf clubs perform best for your swing before you buy High-tech private club-fitting bays, indoor/outdoor fitting options and a 100% commitment to your satisfaction make CoolClubs the premier club fitter in the world.

Call now to schedule a fitting at any of our locations so you can begin to hit it longer, hit it straighter and shoot lower scores. We look forward to seeing you soon!