Prices and Custom Fitting Packages

Cool Clubs fittings include use of premier launch monitor technology, our proprietary fitting software and expert personalized service. We also offer golfers interested in an outdoor tour fitting experience at CoolClubs. Learn more about pricing for our custom fitting services at each of our fitting studios in Meguro, Tokyo (direction)


Make and appointment for an indoor fitting at our studios in Tokyo located at Minamiaoyama and Meguro. Both studios are fully equipped for indoor fittings for driver, fairways & utilities, irons, and putter.


For players who would like to see ball flight in addition to launch monitor data, we recommend an outdoor fitting available at our studio in Meguro, Tokyo.


We also offer a VIP outdoor fitting experience at a private member box available at our fitting studio in Meguro, Tokyo.

Good / Better / Best Recommendations to Fit Your Budget

Buy the Best Golf Clubs Within Your Budget

Custom golf club fitting is no longer reserved only for professionals or those with plenty of disposable golf income. Every golfer, regardless of budget, can now buy clubs that are optimized for their swing and that will produce better results on the course.

Cool Clubs’ Good/Better/Best Recommendations

Our proprietary software and club fitters work to provide you a range of club head/shaft options that are matched to your unique swing dynamics. This will include the best set of stock manufacturer clubs, an option to upgrade the club with a mid-level custom shaft and an option to upgrade the club with a premium custom shaft. The club fitter will be able to show you the data comparing the relative performance of these options as well as the costs, so you will be able to make an informed decision. In any case, you will be equipped with clubs that are configured to your unique swing characteristics and will produce optimum results on the course.

Each Club Delivered to Precise Specifications

Any club ordered from Cool Clubs is carefully inspected by our expert club makers before shipment to ensure it has the exact configuration defined in your fitting. Stock manufacturers have wide variances in their club-building process, so we test each club and make any necessary adjustments to the club to match it to your specifications. If we are upgrading the shaft in your custom fit club, we complete an array of tests on the club before shipment to ensure its precise configuration.

Know The Best Clubs For Your Swing Before You Buy

Our club fitting process and Good/Better/Best recommendations make it possible for every golfer, at any skill level or budget, to make the most informed club-buying decision. With the thousands of club options on the market, it is a virtually impossible task for any golfer to know which clubs will produce the best results for their unique swing. It just makes sense to schedule a Cool Clubs fitting so you buy wisely and play better golf.


DRIVER 10,800yen (incl tax) 12,960yen (incl tax) 16,200yen (incl tax)
IRON 10,800yen (incl tax) 12,960yen (incl tax) 16,200yen (incl tax)
FAIRWAY / HYBRID 10,800yen (incl tax) 12,960yen (incl tax) 16,200yen (incl tax)
PUTTER 10,800yen (incl tax) / /

Single Indoor Fittings are available at both Aoyama and Meguro locations.
This option is recommended if you plan on being fit for only one category of clubs.

FULL FITTING – 240mins

FULL FITTING 32,400yen (incl tax) 38,880yen (incl tax) 48,600yen (incl tax)

Full fittings include all components, driver, fairway woods / hybrids, irons and putter. It is ideal to ensure your full set is fitted and matched to your unique swing dynamics. If you plan on being fit for more than just one component, we recommend you consider making an appointment for a full fitting (there is also a saving over doing each component separately.)

Call now to schedule a fitting at any of our locations so you can begin to hit it longer, hit it straighter and shoot lower scores. We look forward to seeing you soon!